Customer Oriented

Our Story

We originally came from Hong Kong and moved to Hawaii more than a decade ago. We had partnered up with others in a Chinese dim sum restaurant in Downtown.

After sometimes, we've started to see that we would like to make a place where has the prefect dim sims that serve for the Hawaii community here. As we moved forward from Downtown, then we have decided to open up a family-owned restaurant here by Ala Moana Shopping Center where we see a great opportunity to serve the community.

In our family, "Yung 容" is our father's last name, and "Yee 儀" is our mother's first name as "Kee 記" means friendly in Chinese. The words of "Yung Yee 容儀" together sound like the word of " Simple" in Chinese, which shows that we would love to serve the simple but also the best dim sum to the community.

In our restaurant, we put up a handwritten drawing that shows the words of "Yi Ke Wei Ben 以客為本", meaning Customer-oriented as heart when we serve our customers.